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Weeks 1-3 Application

Hello everyone!

These first weeks have been absolutley awesome with the information. Reading through the Master Keys have been so profound…they have been profound in a different way then ever before. Im not sure how to explain the way it feels other than the idea and realization that I can take an extrememly small slice and focus on it in the forms of sits, concentrated thoughts, conversations with others, ideas and solutions to everyday challenges, overcoming mental obstacles…WOW!

Even this particular blog is in a different format than I have ever done before. I feel that even though it may not be in the suggested format (ex. the multiple wks and shorter in length) of the course, it is in the necessary format for my experience and where I have been with things lately as a result of applying this life changing information. I have not been on top of every excercise or suggestion 100%…however, the areas of the material that I have been on top of have a total different and new refeshing experience!

Love you all


“The World Without is a Reflection of the World Within. What appears without is what has been found within.”


Week 16- Changes

Good evening everyone!

What a wonderful week this has been! I have been in my thoughts reminding myself to stay focused and aware of the acts of Kindness I perform daily along with the ones I recognize from other people. This is a little more challenging than I expected…doing random acts for others without being caught as the “Secret Giver” takes some more creativity then I anticipated. However, its so fun knowing that I just sent a frequency out to the universe in the form of doing something for someone else.

Today, when I was grabbing some delicious ice cream I handed an extra $5 to the drive thru operator to add to the tab of the car behind me…the guy came back to the window and handed me change…a little unsure, I asked him what it was for. As he set down a large bag of food I realized I covered the cost of the whole meal that person ordered. When I pulled away slowly I recognized that my old blue print wanted recognition for the good deed so instantely I drove away before the people realized…CANT GET CAUGHT! It felt good not knowing who I did that for or the smile of gratefulness they experienced. Truly living this information touches me deeply and helps me realize more and more the impact we are making on humanity.

The shapes and cards continue to blow me away. The new combinations I am creating are changing my thinking daily. One of the coolest combos is my new bookmark that I created for my Master Key..It is a Chase Bank deposit slip with the amount of $ I desire to have made for 2015 dated for the 1st of 2016 complete with the shapes. I am seeing shapes more and more!

I visited a town this week that I was raised in as a child for the first time in years. I drove by the house I once lived in. As I was sitting in front looking at all the features that havent changed, memories start flowing in reminding me of the type of thoughts and experiences I used to have. It took me back from a standpoint of realizing how much I have changed over the years and the possibilities of where I could be today had those changes not taken place. Its very profound to look back in time to a place where I was controlled by my old blue print. The whole experience made me feel more WHOLE PERFECT STRONG POWERFUL LOVING HARMONIOUS AND HAPPY. I am not the old me, I am BEING what I will to be and validated by my future self every single day.

I love yall.





Merry Christmas on this beautiful December 25, 2014!

I feel like we are already in 2015. I am so excited to see what this year brings for me. I have had the opportunity to be involved in the business, close times with my family, and ME time with the information that I feel like I cant get enough of…all on this beautiful and energetic day of love. There is one person I want beside me at this very moment, however I know that the information has me and my anticipation for her arrival will soon be fulfilled.

Wow what a week this has been, lets see… I must say that I first am taking responsibility for the obstacles and challenges that I have had with some of the tasks and drills stacking up and stretching our mental blue prints. I know that I can and WILL do better from this point forth.

I am super excited to meet everyone in Hawaii! I think the reality of it has just recently set in that I really am going to mastermind with fellow students of the material as well as people closest to my heart. This is going to be AWESOME and I cant wait!

Today is such a turning point for me mentally and spiritually that I am so ready to up the ante on my own performance in my business, my mental training, personal relationship, and my spiritual relationship this next year! I feel like this year will be reaping results I have long striven for and I will persist until I Succeed!

I am super grateful for everyone in my life and the wonders that all of us will be sharing together! Appreciation and abundance flow through me. I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.

From where I sit at my desk and concentrate my thoughts located in my new home, I can actually do my sits while focusing on the “JP Morgan Chase” sign at the top of the Dallas location in prime downtown and I cant help but to think what this year has to offer as a result of my ACTION to apply this information daily and create what I will to be.