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Weeks 1-3 Application

Hello everyone!

These first weeks have been absolutley awesome with the information. Reading through the Master Keys have been so profound…they have been profound in a different way then ever before. Im not sure how to explain the way it feels other than the idea and realization that I can take an extrememly small slice and focus on it in the forms of sits, concentrated thoughts, conversations with others, ideas and solutions to everyday challenges, overcoming mental obstacles…WOW!

Even this particular blog is in a different format than I have ever done before. I feel that even though it may not be in the suggested format (ex. the multiple wks and shorter in length) of the course, it is in the necessary format for my experience and where I have been with things lately as a result of applying this life changing information. I have not been on top of every excercise or suggestion 100%…however, the areas of the material that I have been on top of have a total different and new refeshing experience!

Love you all


“The World Without is a Reflection of the World Within. What appears without is what has been found within.”


Week 17- I am here

This has been one of the most interesting weeks I have experienced on theis beautiful journey.

For starters I must take responsibility for slacking on the daily drills and audibles more than I ever have. I am still looking at the cause of why I had a few days in a row of not doing it. All I can come up with is mental¬†laziness at the end of the night which does not make me feel good. Ive been getting on my own nerves with this bad habit and as a result I found myself taking charge to whip my old blue print and change it at 2:30am this morning. I could not go another day knowing that I failed the guy in the glass. The outcome was absolutely phenomenal. Im better than that and I command myself to create what I want…even when I dont want to do it. Im back!

My mastermind at home with Kara has grown in an unbelievable way. She has become more understanding and I feel like my listening skills have grown. Im totally grateful to be growing through this experience with her. However, I do believe when we both hold eachother more accountable to our MKMMA requirements and make sure that we have 0 tolerance for our old blue prints…we will be unstoppable.

I have seen extreme changes for the best in my business this week as always. This information has helped me follow through on commitments to myself and others and as a result shown me some outcomes that I didnt necessarily expect yet, I appreciate them. I am developing more tolerance and realizing that I am allowing more things to unfold while I enjoy the ride. Its funny how we as people cant hide our true selves from others and what we conceal will eventually reveal itself ithrough our actions… as I have noticed in people this week.

I am finding more things to be grateful and thankful for as the cards keep piling up! I see shapes and shapes and more shapes!!

Hawaii trip is closer here we go!

I love you all.