Press Release


memega yacht


I am sitting here with Travis Potts.

Him and his Rolls Royce limo driver picked us up from the
airport when we stepped off his private jet. After a comfortable full
service flight from Dallas, we just boarded his beautiful brand new
250 foot yacht. The yacht is complete with all the toys imaginable, a spa,
2 masseuses, and a hospitable crew(who happen to be providing this
delicious brunch for us to interview over). We could not think of a
more relaxing place to converse than the upper deck overlooking the
glistening sea on this perfect day as we cruise at a pleasurable pace
towards the Caribbean.

This will be another turning point of the journey Travis and his
partners have created for us.

“Travis, how old are you?”

“I am 32 years old and I feel 21.”

“Wonderful, so Travis describe your point in life right now.”

“Well that is an interesting suggestion, I must say that I feel free
and empowered to live as I please on my own schedule with an ever
growing and unlimited amount of resources. My liberty gives me a sense
of humbleness and appreciation for all these people in my life. From
the unshakable support of my family and my closest relationships to my
partnerships and nationwide sales army. As all of us take this trip
together, I am fulfilled and grateful for everyone’s presence. My life
has changed and taken a few adventurous turns for the best, which have
helped me grow mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically in all aspects of
my life. I give all the credit to my Mastermind. Where is the fun in
enjoying all of the amenities alone?”

“What have you done to get to this point with all these people?”

Crowd of people

“I have provided opportunities for people all over the country in the
form of contractor sales positions. These individuals were somehow
exposed to our recruiting organization through one or more of the
thousands of channels on our world wide online media and social media
presence. As a result, they have qualified for a ‘simple-to-duplicate’ position
(provided someone is willing to qualify) as a sales representative
with a unique opportunity to make a starting benchmark of a $1000+
weekly in their chosen location of America. With this the individual
is afforded an exclusive one of a kind unlimited income potential as well as the
ability to create their own nationwide business. All of this is the
effect of a group of like minded people who in the spirit of perfect
harmony came together to create a multi-million dollar organization.
Everyone from the newcomer to the higher up partnerships benefit to
the level of their desire. This organization is completely thriving on
relationships, which are the true investments that harvest the
unlimited and ever growing amount of fruits for everyone. Abundance is
the evidence of helping others.”

“Well Travis our Breakfast just arrived and we still have that
empowering helicopter ride to take, so thank you for your willingness
to share a piece of your experience with us. We greatly appreciate
your ability to give back to humanity and the lives of so many other
people. We look forward to our constantly expanding future endeavors



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