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Week 20- The Magical Power of Thought

Part 20 is one of the most, if not the most profound part that I have experienced since this journey through the Master Key began. Its is so mind boggling to me how everything is tied together with every belief that I have previously been exposed to and it makes me realize now more than ever that it is all the same…ENERGY! My old blue print only knows the “different” beliefs as conflicting due to the mental conditioning from closed minded and un-welcoming responses to information in my past environment.

All of this is helping me realize what I now believe is more in line with the true meaning of Spirit…for myself in my own interpretation of course.

“Thinking is the true business of life, Power is the result.”  has been echoing to me when I realize and remind myself to consider my current state of mind more frequently.

“I live this day as if its my last”  causes me to appreciate life more and more and give thanks for all the amazing people and relationships that I have, the luxuries I am afforded, and my ability to smile and control my emotional state which causes my feelings that I desire. (“Deliberately choose thoughts that make me feel good” -Abraham)

Flashing through the cards has been changing me as a person when I look back on past kindnesses and gratitude observations. I am creating new ones ALMOST daily. I feel like I have been walking through my day NATURALLY searching for opportunities to perform a random act of kindness or take a mental note of something I am grateful for in my life so I can jot it down on a card with a shape later during my evening ritual.

I watched a movie this week called the “Guardians of the Galaxy”. It totally opened my eyes and caused me to think about how this information runs like a “Golden Chord”(as Napoleon Hill would say..) through the picture show from beginning to end. When this small, quirky, and determined team of individuals with a purpose of protecting the Galaxy from doom comes together to conquer the unconquerable…they blast through challenges riding on pure belief that they will accomplish what they set out to accomplish with unshakable confidence.

If you have seen it maybe you can see where I am coming from, If you haven’t and choose to check it out…either way I would appreciate to know your insights on how the movie relates to your experience with this information in MKMMA.


Week 19- Pay it Forward.


I take responsibility for this post being up later than I have ever posted before. wow.
I have forgiven myself.

This week has been such a different week for me.

I have found myself thinking about the information throughout my day and asking myself questions only to receive answers! Amazing.

I haven’t been doing everything 100% but it definitely feels powerful going through the routines knowing that I am changing myself.
Everyday in every way I’m getting better. I’m not where I want to be or anywhere close to it but I’m definitely not where I was..

I can only imagine what will unfold in my life and how I will feel as my future self who is on point ALL the time and all over every single read, sit, drill, and exercise every single day.

I feel like the BenFranklin has helped me a lot in the fact that I am recognizing my growing strength when I have an experience that causes me to up the ante on one of the traits.
Decisiveness im particularly has been growing in me leaps and bounds…in these decision making scenarios my old blue print might have froze in the think stage or questioned someone else’s opinion about my judgement call. Now, I am just walking the path based on my feelings and making decisions that feel aligned with what I want. I am finding myself to respond promptly with more confidence. That is an amazing change in itself and I have seen much better results.

Watching the movie “I am” was a cool experience. First off when Kara asked me if I happened to have this movie that I wasn’t sure I had ever even heard of…I simply walked over to my giant movie box with the huge collection where I never can find the dvd I’m looking for and there it was pretty much on top of the pile. “Oh yea..guess I purchased it once..” Lol.
The movie brought light on many things and although I need to watch it again where I am paying more attention and in 1 complete sitting, it clarified the information from this course and other information that I study in whole new way. The part where it brought all of the species together as a family and we are all related really intrigued me. MKMMA helps me realize that we are all connected and it is up to us to take care of the planet!

Paying it forward means something totally different to me now than it used to. I’m so grateful. I paid for a homeless guys meal and had a couple different conversations with other less fortunate people this wk. The random acts of kindness in my life are growing by the day it feels so great!

That’s where I’m at for now…I can totally do better than I have this week and instead of beating myself up about it as I have in the past, I simply recognize the experience as my old blue print at it again…it’s going down this week though! I got this!

Week 18- What is real? What is more real?

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy!

This week has been a huge eye opening experience as I have been spending more time in my thoughts throughout the day.

Its so interesting how much I seem to be able to get done by simply focusing on what I am thinking about. This also causes me to remind myself more often than ever to ask myself “What the hell am I thinking about this very moment and how does it make me feel right now?” As a result, I am growing in my ability to let things unfold as they may and appreciate every single step of the journey. Lol

I have had many opportunities this week to realize some real gut check turning points in my life. These times have been making me automatically go back to “I will live this day as if its my last..” which seems to soften the blow and ease the sting of my self realizations that I am correcting(get the ego out of the way Travis!). The gratitude cards and shapes keep stacking up and are helping me realize more than ever how much I have to be grateful for.

I am more aware of all the wonderful people around me regardless if I know and speak to them or not. This awareness has opened some very opportunistic, enlightening, and interesting conversations with people that my old blue print in the past would have moved past without acknowledgement. Its so powerful how this information and other information that I have been studying is changing me more and more! It feels so awesome! The opportunity for me to do mandatory volunteer work this week has pointed out kindnesses to me like never before…this has made me stop and recognize how easy it can be to get caught up in the rat race without taking a breath of fresh air to appreciate the simple things which bring the most enjoyment.

My future self is all over me and helping me every single day!
Do it now Do it now

I love yall.

Week 17- Heroes Journey

What a Powerful learning week this has been!

I have been uping the ante and Feeling the results. Everything from the more shapes, more Gratitudes, more kindnesses, more focus, more Harmony in Human relationships, more flow, more Observations.

This week has taught me some Turning Point lessons. Reminding myself that I must DO THE WORK, Everything is Growing and Unfolding more by the day. Its so interesting how reading through the information over and over in a new unit of time points out evidence in my daily life of its effectiveness. There has been some true tests of discipline this week where I instantly had the Opportunity to recognize the information in my mind and more consciously apply it in the very midst of the scenario. I also feel like my ability to articulate the way I feel has increased.

During the sits this week my Concentration expanded. Thinking about the Battle ship again was a whole new experience along with focusing on the business in solitude which was much needed. Awesome!

I am seeing glimpses of my DMP more often.

The idea that I can “attain great wealth and success with only 1 sales talk, delivered with excellence” is so powerful because I have seen the flashes of success in my business based on 1 duplicatible formula. This journey is so interesting and enlightening.

Cant wait to meet everyone in Hawaii!

Week 17- I am here

This has been one of the most interesting weeks I have experienced on theis beautiful journey.

For starters I must take responsibility for slacking on the daily drills and audibles more than I ever have. I am still looking at the cause of why I had a few days in a row of not doing it. All I can come up with is mental laziness at the end of the night which does not make me feel good. Ive been getting on my own nerves with this bad habit and as a result I found myself taking charge to whip my old blue print and change it at 2:30am this morning. I could not go another day knowing that I failed the guy in the glass. The outcome was absolutely phenomenal. Im better than that and I command myself to create what I want…even when I dont want to do it. Im back!

My mastermind at home with Kara has grown in an unbelievable way. She has become more understanding and I feel like my listening skills have grown. Im totally grateful to be growing through this experience with her. However, I do believe when we both hold eachother more accountable to our MKMMA requirements and make sure that we have 0 tolerance for our old blue prints…we will be unstoppable.

I have seen extreme changes for the best in my business this week as always. This information has helped me follow through on commitments to myself and others and as a result shown me some outcomes that I didnt necessarily expect yet, I appreciate them. I am developing more tolerance and realizing that I am allowing more things to unfold while I enjoy the ride. Its funny how we as people cant hide our true selves from others and what we conceal will eventually reveal itself ithrough our actions… as I have noticed in people this week.

I am finding more things to be grateful and thankful for as the cards keep piling up! I see shapes and shapes and more shapes!!

Hawaii trip is closer here we go!

I love you all.

Week 16- Changes

Good evening everyone!

What a wonderful week this has been! I have been in my thoughts reminding myself to stay focused and aware of the acts of Kindness I perform daily along with the ones I recognize from other people. This is a little more challenging than I expected…doing random acts for others without being caught as the “Secret Giver” takes some more creativity then I anticipated. However, its so fun knowing that I just sent a frequency out to the universe in the form of doing something for someone else.

Today, when I was grabbing some delicious ice cream I handed an extra $5 to the drive thru operator to add to the tab of the car behind me…the guy came back to the window and handed me change…a little unsure, I asked him what it was for. As he set down a large bag of food I realized I covered the cost of the whole meal that person ordered. When I pulled away slowly I recognized that my old blue print wanted recognition for the good deed so instantely I drove away before the people realized…CANT GET CAUGHT! It felt good not knowing who I did that for or the smile of gratefulness they experienced. Truly living this information touches me deeply and helps me realize more and more the impact we are making on humanity.

The shapes and cards continue to blow me away. The new combinations I am creating are changing my thinking daily. One of the coolest combos is my new bookmark that I created for my Master Key..It is a Chase Bank deposit slip with the amount of $ I desire to have made for 2015 dated for the 1st of 2016 complete with the shapes. I am seeing shapes more and more!

I visited a town this week that I was raised in as a child for the first time in years. I drove by the house I once lived in. As I was sitting in front looking at all the features that havent changed, memories start flowing in reminding me of the type of thoughts and experiences I used to have. It took me back from a standpoint of realizing how much I have changed over the years and the possibilities of where I could be today had those changes not taken place. Its very profound to look back in time to a place where I was controlled by my old blue print. The whole experience made me feel more WHOLE PERFECT STRONG POWERFUL LOVING HARMONIOUS AND HAPPY. I am not the old me, I am BEING what I will to be and validated by my future self every single day.

I love yall.



Week 15- Masterminding with My Future Self

This week has been so powerful for me. Its exciting as I recognize how many exercises, drills, “audibles”, and commitments that we have built up to. I made a decision to get more on top of the certain things I can be doing better and growing from there. I have been blasting through. Some scenarios I have created for myself such as new year score charts of the business, combinations with the shapes and the cards, and drilling down on re-listening to the webinars and weekly videos of the past 3 weeks. My future self has been pointing things out to me this week! Its so powerful!
This information along with other information I have been studying has caused me to recognize myself more and more when it comes to my personal opinions about the material and other people.

Its so interesting…I have been having discussions with my future self from April(thank you). He is an interesting guy because he has been holding me accountable to more and more by the day! Its something I haven’t experienced.

I am seeing shapes in my minds eye more often and recalling more of the material in my head. I have been making it happen in the “Mind Gym”! I am also excited about the amount of growth I am experiencing every day with the 1st virtue for me, which is “Decisiveness”.

“The greatest Salesman” has had some points ringing in my head such as:

“Never will I forget that many have attained great wealth and success with only 1 sales talk, delivered with excellence.” This point strikes such a chord with me because I feel like it runs 100% in line with the business in terms of the sales training that we have been hitting hard on lately! Its so great!


“There is no room in the market place for my family, nor is there room in my home for the marketplace” This quote strikes a chord with me from a different angle completely because I feel like the market place is a huge portion if not almost all focus. I am progressing to live in this information and apply it to myself and my business for the purpose of creating massive, high performance, and very lucrative results. At the same time I also feel like this requires me to mastermind with my future self which happens in my office that I call home! Its just so interesting…some of the cognitions I have been having.

Great week!
Love you all!



Week 14- Focus


Happy New Year,

It has finally arrived…the day I have been preparing for! I am super excited about this year and I feel like I am lined up with my goals set up for 2015. This class, the Law of Success philosophy, additional audio training I am involved with, along with the application of all this material on a Mastermind Call we have been developing in the business have all helped me to define these goals so much more clearly backed by my Plan Of Action(POA).

My sites are set, zeroed in, and laser beam focused on 2015 Accomplishment.

I have been feeling the sting of the blade this week and it has caused me to persist and become more strong mentally than I have realized about myself ever before. DO IT NOW.


I recognize some super powerful cognitions this week thanks to Mark J on the Master key video where he mentions…I may have not expressed enough appreciation and gratitude for the courtesies and acts of support in which the closest people in my life have done for me. Therefore, I am recognizing more harmony in my daily life with my closest relationships as a result of taking a closer look at my actions and decisions which have been the cause of these challenging and very temporary conditions. Love flows through me and I have forgiven myself.

With this, Master Key part 14 spoke to me and pointed out complete and utter evidence of my current conditions…super intrigued:

25. There are many who are not ready to enter into the discipline necessary to think correctly.

26. Thought is the only Reality.

28. If you enter into the discipline necessary to bring about radical change in your life, you must do so deliberately after giving the matter careful thought and full consideration, and then you must allow nothing to interfere with your decision.

30. If you wish harmonious conditions in your life you must develop a harmonious mental attitude.

As for the Movie from the list in the workbook that we were suggested to watch and blog about…I chose “October Sky”.

Some young men in highschool demonstrate their ability to use their imagination and as a result come up with a Plan of Action(POA) to win a science fair by creating and perfecting a rocket. All of this goes into accomplishing their definite purpose of winning scholarships and escaping the fate of the majority who live in this small town and are being condemned to the coal mines and hard labor for their life’s work. This movie showed me that the conditions in life are a choice regardless of the adversity, dream stealers, contrast, and failure that may be in my path.    (A MUST WATCH )

october sky



Merry Christmas on this beautiful December 25, 2014!

I feel like we are already in 2015. I am so excited to see what this year brings for me. I have had the opportunity to be involved in the business, close times with my family, and ME time with the information that I feel like I cant get enough of…all on this beautiful and energetic day of love. There is one person I want beside me at this very moment, however I know that the information has me and my anticipation for her arrival will soon be fulfilled.

Wow what a week this has been, lets see… I must say that I first am taking responsibility for the obstacles and challenges that I have had with some of the tasks and drills stacking up and stretching our mental blue prints. I know that I can and WILL do better from this point forth.

I am super excited to meet everyone in Hawaii! I think the reality of it has just recently set in that I really am going to mastermind with fellow students of the material as well as people closest to my heart. This is going to be AWESOME and I cant wait!

Today is such a turning point for me mentally and spiritually that I am so ready to up the ante on my own performance in my business, my mental training, personal relationship, and my spiritual relationship this next year! I feel like this year will be reaping results I have long striven for and I will persist until I Succeed!

I am super grateful for everyone in my life and the wonders that all of us will be sharing together! Appreciation and abundance flow through me. I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.

From where I sit at my desk and concentrate my thoughts located in my new home, I can actually do my sits while focusing on the “JP Morgan Chase” sign at the top of the Dallas location in prime downtown and I cant help but to think what this year has to offer as a result of my ACTION to apply this information daily and create what I will to be.


Week 12- Indestructible

Hey guys,

This week has been super powerful and has really given me the chance to apply the information in my business more than ever!

I feel so excited about everything! I feel like there is so much I must do and I have hit the restart button MANY times this week…however I have learned that the restart button pays off and is a necessity. I feel like my old blue print has put too much pressure on myself, but hitting the restart button lifts that unnecessary burden and as a result makes me feel so much better! Its such a relief and much needed a lot of the time. I know that I am not where I want to be but I am also certainly not where I once was. I am progressing by the day and everyday I close more and more of that gap between the I and the Will. I am commanding DO IT NOW DO IT NOW DO IT NOW! My Bliss is growing and and I recognize more  and more loving, harmonious, and happy people in my environment! I feel like negativity is repelled by my presence when I step in the room.


“I persist until I succeed. Nor do I allow yesterday’s success to lull me into today’s complacency, for this is the great foundation of failure. I forget the happenings of the day that is gone, whether they were good or bad and greet the new sun with confidence that this IS the best day of my life.” -OG

This quote has saved me and I have been reading it to my sales team before we start our day of running people down and turning prospects into customers. I am so proud of my team for they have banded together with an unshakable bond and desire to WIN. Our mission is to be the #1 team in our industry every single day. We have faced tons of contrast and adversity this week and as a result everyone knows there is nothing we cannot overcome and accomplish.

We persist until we Win this war against our obstacles!

Love yall