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Weeks 1-3 Application

Hello everyone!

These first weeks have been absolutley awesome with the information. Reading through the Master Keys have been so profound…they have been profound in a different way then ever before. Im not sure how to explain the way it feels other than the idea and realization that I can take an extrememly small slice and focus on it in the forms of sits, concentrated thoughts, conversations with others, ideas and solutions to everyday challenges, overcoming mental obstacles…WOW!

Even this particular blog is in a different format than I have ever done before. I feel that even though it may not be in the suggested format (ex. the multiple wks and shorter in length) of the course, it is in the necessary format for my experience and where I have been with things lately as a result of applying this life changing information. I have not been on top of every excercise or suggestion 100%…however, the areas of the material that I have been on top of have a total different and new refeshing experience!

Love you all


“The World Without is a Reflection of the World Within. What appears without is what has been found within.”


Week 1-Commitments! Yes!


Here we go again. I feel great to be back on the course. Im loving every minute extra per day I consciously remind myself to focus on the world within.

Although, I have not done all the excercises 100% I feel like im mentally getting more out of this semester then before. Re-reading the Master Key along with Og Mandino’s “Greatest Salesman in the World” has been so powerful. The sits are getting more intense and the readings of Scroll 1 are amazing…along with the recorded audios of myself reading the scroll.

Working on this material along side of Wallace Wattle’s “The Science of Being Great” and Napoleon Hill’s “Law of Success” is totally transforming. I feel myself changing and its fantastic.

All of this information has helped me realize more and more that the world without (my environment) is a reflection of the world within ( my thinking) which is crazy because im seeing that I create what surrounds me and if I want to change it…I must change my thinking.

This years course is Great, I can feel it.

Im so ready to be back in Hawaii, I cant stop thinking about it. Ive spent the whole summer on this next coming up trip to Kuwaii! LOL

I cant wait to meet everyone from around the globe!