Week 24- Here we are!

This week has really brought me clarity on many experiences that are happening in my life right now. I have been faced with decision making scenarios that really test my confidence. Seeing things unfold in ways I haven’t thought of is a very interesting experience…especially when it seems like the way I thought of would have been more ideal. I know the universe has my back and will lay out the path for me that is supposed to happen. Its a hell of a ride sometimes. This whole journey through the Master Key experience has been so awesome! I feel like I have so much more to learn and I cant wait until the continuation and the next course! I will continue to work on myself through the daily drills, cards, reads, and sits. Its like where do we go from here right? I am having fun and I know that there is lots more to learn about myself, and TONS of things I need to improve on. I believe I wouldn’t be able to recognize those areas for improvement if I haven’t been spending this time with MKMMA. I have areas of disappointment in myself for not doing 100% of the work, at the same time I am super proud of myself for sticking with it and I’m very excited to get better and better.

Probably the hugest experience for me this week was a night where I was searching for answers to some challenges that I was wrestling with…I was pacing around all night(literally like 4 hrs+) picking up random books in my collection to read a line or 2 here and there. Every single book I randomly opened gave me insight on conquering fear and how fear is the #1 reason for failure. Being a student of information I feel like I should already know this, however at that very moment I realized that fear has been an obstacle holding me back, the next book I picked up was the Master Key and landed on Part 23…
“Fear is the opposite of money consciousness, it is the poverty consciousness, and as the law is unchangeable we get exactly what we give. If we give fear, we get what we feared.”

This quote was put on a card and in my hand for a very long time as I sat on my patio looking at the beautiful skyline and pondering. It changed me.

My future self is an amazing, loving, considerate, confident, honest, open minded, willing, and wealthy person. I am learning more about him every day.


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