“Post on time this week!” (yells my future self)

…So I am!

What a learning experience this week has brought me, I am so thankful, grateful, and appreciative for all the information I have experienced such as the “The Law of Least Effort” which has reeally liberated me from the pressure that my old blue print puts on myself for not being perfect. Its such a relief to find out like…WOW I really can do this! I am finding myself applying acceptance, responsibility, and defenselessness in the midst of what I used to consider crisis situations such as other peoples decisions as well as my own…when in the recent past, I was more afraid of making the wrong ones. I am not perfect on these and there have been times where I could have made more effective decisions lately, however I feel changes in this area more and more everyday…the funny part is that I am realizing that I have been growing in this area before I learned this week of these terms that refer to it. This weeks material was made for me to hear at this very specific time in my life. No sooner or later could it have been more perfectly aligned…I suppose thats the way of the universe.

Silence feels more silent than ever and its even more exciting to know that my sits will only grow more powerful as I continue to learn about myself.

The stacks of cards complete me and I shall continue to apply them for the rest of my life. I cant wait until the part of my DMP is fulfilled when I have my enormous library…complete with all subjects of countless books and infinite stacks of my cards surrounding my beautiful presidential mahogany desk, in-floor concealable jacuzzi, massage table, and fire place overlooking the ocean through walls of glass in the largest room of my home…THE FOCUS ZONE!


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