Week 22a- CHOICE! Money Consciousness or Poverty Consciousness

“The money consciousness is an attitude of mind.” “Fear is just the opposite of money consciousness, it is poverty consciousness.”

These statements in the this week’s master key have been on my mind all week. This part 23 has really put the information of my thinking into very practical and easier-to-understand terms like never before. Especially in dealing with others I am surrounded with in my daily life…”We make money by making friends and we enlarge our circle of friends by making money for them.” I feel so grateful for the business I am in and how this information applies to every single aspect of it since I work so closely with people all the time. This part validates that I will have what I desire as long as I help others achieve what they desire. I have been engulfed this week in helping others and it feels so fantastic. My random acts of kindness have been so powerful this week and the look on people’s faces when they realize I don’t expect any reciprocity brightens my day. Its priceless. I love myself for the person I AM and even more so the person I am becoming. I AM enjoying the race and the “pleasure of the pursuit” more and more.

As always I have also had opportunities this week to test my ability to demonstrate poise and mastering my emotions as others have really challenged my limits that my old blue print would have snapped at and reacted to. Im so proud of myself for being able to look at situations from all conceivable angles(for the most part..) and even more so for being able to allow the challenging conversations to flow with all the harmony I could muster up.

This video I found opened my eyes to so many things this week and causes me to have such an immeasurable respect for Jim Carrey and his wealth of knowledge that he is willing to share as such a caring person. Its a must see!


6 thoughts on “Week 22a- CHOICE! Money Consciousness or Poverty Consciousness

  1. Love the video, I have seen it before but bears a second and maybe even a third listen. Great insight and an inspiration. Kudos to you for being able to master your emotions, not always an easy thing to do. Have a blessed day!

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