Week 22- Adjusting Alignment

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.

This week has been such a great opportunity for me to really focus more on where I am with the information.

Going back through the videos has cleared up so much for me. Living in the experience instead of playing the roles was so profound to me because it gives me relief that I just have to “Be” and allow my life to flow through me while I enjoy the process. I am so excited about my future self who has become a Master with poise, harmony, focus, determination, confidence, strength, patience, tolerance, abundance, vigor, bliss, and listening. Og told me all week that I will be a master of my emotions. This has shown me some interesting moments where the values I just mentioned were truly challenged…my future self stepped in and I felt my way through the contrast with a wonderful outcome.  It was just a great experience seeing myself grow right before my own eyes. Wake Up Call! There has been much needed silence in my life this week toying with thoughts, pondering ideas, overcoming obstacles, arising new cognitions, while steadily sitting in my focus enviroment. I feel more lined up than I was last week and really have been in quiet some time now. Even more so, I appreciate that I am not anywhere close to how lined up I will be as my future self. Love has also been a key observation that I recognized more in my life this week. Its more of a feeling of love for humanity and appreciation for beings in my life.

I feel good.


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