Week 21- Live by the Compass, not the clock.

This week has been flying by!

Its amazing how time and days seem to just run together as I am focused on the demands of my business and keeping up with most of the daily exercises and drills. I must say that I can definitely be doing better in the areas of blogging, tweeting, and jumping on the dashboard more often..however I have been reading, thinking, and feeling my DMP. I have been reminding myself to live by the compass instead of the clock and its been really challenging for me this week as my old blue print says “there just isn’t enough time in a day to do every single thing”.

Harmony with people flows through me and I feel more confident every day which is a miracle in itself. I do believe in miracles and I believe that I create them when my vibration is aligned with what I want. People, places, circumstances, and events appear in my life as a result of my thinking. I consider these experiences that bring me closer to my desires as “Miracles”. I feel like this Part 21 has been more comprehensive for me to understand and it feels incredible.

I am whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy. I can be what I will to be.

I am ecstatic about Hawaii and super motivated to insure that my business is in a profitable and in an expanding position as I Mastermind with all of you on that powerful week. 


3 thoughts on “Week 21- Live by the Compass, not the clock.

  1. Sounds like we are talking very similar paths. If you are feeling your DMP you are truly in harmony.

    May blessing our upon you this and every day.

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