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Week 21- Live by the Compass, not the clock.

This week has been flying by!

Its amazing how time and days seem to just run together as I am focused on the demands of my business and keeping up with most of the daily exercises and drills. I must say that I can definitely be doing better in the areas of blogging, tweeting, and jumping on the dashboard more often..however I have been reading, thinking, and feeling my DMP. I have been reminding myself to live by the compass instead of the clock and its been really challenging for me this week as my old blue print says “there just isn’t enough time in a day to do every single thing”.

Harmony with people flows through me and I feel more confident every day which is a miracle in itself. I do believe in miracles and I believe that I create them when my vibration is aligned with what I want. People, places, circumstances, and events appear in my life as a result of my thinking. I consider these experiences that bring me closer to my desires as “Miracles”. I feel like this Part 21 has been more comprehensive for me to understand and it feels incredible.

I am whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy. I can be what I will to be.

I am ecstatic about Hawaii and super motivated to insure that my business is in a profitable and in an expanding position as I Mastermind with all of you on that powerful week. 


Week 20- The Magical Power of Thought

Part 20 is one of the most, if not the most profound part that I have experienced since this journey through the Master Key began. Its is so mind boggling to me how everything is tied together with every belief that I have previously been exposed to and it makes me realize now more than ever that it is all the same…ENERGY! My old blue print only knows the “different” beliefs as conflicting due to the mental conditioning from closed minded and un-welcoming responses to information in my past environment.

All of this is helping me realize what I now believe is more in line with the true meaning of Spirit…for myself in my own interpretation of course.

“Thinking is the true business of life, Power is the result.”  has been echoing to me when I realize and remind myself to consider my current state of mind more frequently.

“I live this day as if its my last”  causes me to appreciate life more and more and give thanks for all the amazing people and relationships that I have, the luxuries I am afforded, and my ability to smile and control my emotional state which causes my feelings that I desire. (“Deliberately choose thoughts that make me feel good” -Abraham)

Flashing through the cards has been changing me as a person when I look back on past kindnesses and gratitude observations. I am creating new ones ALMOST daily. I feel like I have been walking through my day NATURALLY searching for opportunities to perform a random act of kindness or take a mental note of something I am grateful for in my life so I can jot it down on a card with a shape later during my evening ritual.

I watched a movie this week called the “Guardians of the Galaxy”. It totally opened my eyes and caused me to think about how this information runs like a “Golden Chord”(as Napoleon Hill would say..) through the picture show from beginning to end. When this small, quirky, and determined team of individuals with a purpose of protecting the Galaxy from doom comes together to conquer the unconquerable…they blast through challenges riding on pure belief that they will accomplish what they set out to accomplish with unshakable confidence.

If you have seen it maybe you can see where I am coming from, If you haven’t and choose to check it out…either way I would appreciate to know your insights on how the movie relates to your experience with this information in MKMMA.

Week 19- Pay it Forward.


I take responsibility for this post being up later than I have ever posted before. wow.
I have forgiven myself.

This week has been such a different week for me.

I have found myself thinking about the information throughout my day and asking myself questions only to receive answers! Amazing.

I haven’t been doing everything 100% but it definitely feels powerful going through the routines knowing that I am changing myself.
Everyday in every way I’m getting better. I’m not where I want to be or anywhere close to it but I’m definitely not where I was..

I can only imagine what will unfold in my life and how I will feel as my future self who is on point ALL the time and all over every single read, sit, drill, and exercise every single day.

I feel like the BenFranklin has helped me a lot in the fact that I am recognizing my growing strength when I have an experience that causes me to up the ante on one of the traits.
Decisiveness im particularly has been growing in me leaps and bounds…in these decision making scenarios my old blue print might have froze in the think stage or questioned someone else’s opinion about my judgement call. Now, I am just walking the path based on my feelings and making decisions that feel aligned with what I want. I am finding myself to respond promptly with more confidence. That is an amazing change in itself and I have seen much better results.

Watching the movie “I am” was a cool experience. First off when Kara asked me if I happened to have this movie that I wasn’t sure I had ever even heard of…I simply walked over to my giant movie box with the huge collection where I never can find the dvd I’m looking for and there it was pretty much on top of the pile. “Oh yea..guess I purchased it once..” Lol.
The movie brought light on many things and although I need to watch it again where I am paying more attention and in 1 complete sitting, it clarified the information from this course and other information that I study in whole new way. The part where it brought all of the species together as a family and we are all related really intrigued me. MKMMA helps me realize that we are all connected and it is up to us to take care of the planet!

Paying it forward means something totally different to me now than it used to. I’m so grateful. I paid for a homeless guys meal and had a couple different conversations with other less fortunate people this wk. The random acts of kindness in my life are growing by the day it feels so great!

That’s where I’m at for now…I can totally do better than I have this week and instead of beating myself up about it as I have in the past, I simply recognize the experience as my old blue print at it again…it’s going down this week though! I got this!

Week 18- What is real? What is more real?

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy!

This week has been a huge eye opening experience as I have been spending more time in my thoughts throughout the day.

Its so interesting how much I seem to be able to get done by simply focusing on what I am thinking about. This also causes me to remind myself more often than ever to ask myself “What the hell am I thinking about this very moment and how does it make me feel right now?” As a result, I am growing in my ability to let things unfold as they may and appreciate every single step of the journey. Lol

I have had many opportunities this week to realize some real gut check turning points in my life. These times have been making me automatically go back to “I will live this day as if its my last..” which seems to soften the blow and ease the sting of my self realizations that I am correcting(get the ego out of the way Travis!). The gratitude cards and shapes keep stacking up and are helping me realize more than ever how much I have to be grateful for.

I am more aware of all the wonderful people around me regardless if I know and speak to them or not. This awareness has opened some very opportunistic, enlightening, and interesting conversations with people that my old blue print in the past would have moved past without acknowledgement. Its so powerful how this information and other information that I have been studying is changing me more and more! It feels so awesome! The opportunity for me to do mandatory volunteer work this week has pointed out kindnesses to me like never before…this has made me stop and recognize how easy it can be to get caught up in the rat race without taking a breath of fresh air to appreciate the simple things which bring the most enjoyment.

My future self is all over me and helping me every single day!
Do it now Do it now

I love yall.

Week 17- Heroes Journey

What a Powerful learning week this has been!

I have been uping the ante and Feeling the results. Everything from the more shapes, more Gratitudes, more kindnesses, more focus, more Harmony in Human relationships, more flow, more Observations.

This week has taught me some Turning Point lessons. Reminding myself that I must DO THE WORK, Everything is Growing and Unfolding more by the day. Its so interesting how reading through the information over and over in a new unit of time points out evidence in my daily life of its effectiveness. There has been some true tests of discipline this week where I instantly had the Opportunity to recognize the information in my mind and more consciously apply it in the very midst of the scenario. I also feel like my ability to articulate the way I feel has increased.

During the sits this week my Concentration expanded. Thinking about the Battle ship again was a whole new experience along with focusing on the business in solitude which was much needed. Awesome!

I am seeing glimpses of my DMP more often.

The idea that I can “attain great wealth and success with only 1 sales talk, delivered with excellence” is so powerful because I have seen the flashes of success in my business based on 1 duplicatible formula. This journey is so interesting and enlightening.

Cant wait to meet everyone in Hawaii!