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Merry Christmas on this beautiful December 25, 2014!

I feel like we are already in 2015. I am so excited to see what this year brings for me. I have had the opportunity to be involved in the business, close times with my family, and ME time with the information that I feel like I cant get enough of…all on this beautiful and energetic day of love. There is one person I want beside me at this very moment, however I know that the information has me and my anticipation for her arrival will soon be fulfilled.

Wow what a week this has been, lets see… I must say that I first am taking responsibility for the obstacles and challenges that I have had with some of the tasks and drills stacking up and stretching our mental blue prints. I know that I can and WILL do better from this point forth.

I am super excited to meet everyone in Hawaii! I think the reality of it has just recently set in that I really am going to mastermind with fellow students of the material as well as people closest to my heart. This is going to be AWESOME and I cant wait!

Today is such a turning point for me mentally and spiritually that I am so ready to up the ante on my own performance in my business, my mental training, personal relationship, and my spiritual relationship this next year! I feel like this year will be reaping results I have long striven for and I will persist until I Succeed!

I am super grateful for everyone in my life and the wonders that all of us will be sharing together! Appreciation and abundance flow through me. I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.

From where I sit at my desk and concentrate my thoughts located in my new home, I can actually do my sits while focusing on the “JP Morgan Chase” sign at the top of the Dallas location in prime downtown and I cant help but to think what this year has to offer as a result of my ACTION to apply this information daily and create what I will to be.



Week 12- Indestructible

Hey guys,

This week has been super powerful and has really given me the chance to apply the information in my business more than ever!

I feel so excited about everything! I feel like there is so much I must do and I have hit the restart button MANY times this week…however I have learned that the restart button pays off and is a necessity. I feel like my old blue print has put too much pressure on myself, but hitting the restart button lifts that unnecessary burden and as a result makes me feel so much better! Its such a relief and much needed a lot of the time. I know that I am not where I want to be but I am also certainly not where I once was. I am progressing by the day and everyday I close more and more of that gap between the I and the Will. I am commanding DO IT NOW DO IT NOW DO IT NOW! My Bliss is growing and and I recognize more  and more loving, harmonious, and happy people in my environment! I feel like negativity is repelled by my presence when I step in the room.


“I persist until I succeed. Nor do I allow yesterday’s success to lull me into today’s complacency, for this is the great foundation of failure. I forget the happenings of the day that is gone, whether they were good or bad and greet the new sun with confidence that this IS the best day of my life.” -OG

This quote has saved me and I have been reading it to my sales team before we start our day of running people down and turning prospects into customers. I am so proud of my team for they have banded together with an unshakable bond and desire to WIN. Our mission is to be the #1 team in our industry every single day. We have faced tons of contrast and adversity this week and as a result everyone knows there is nothing we cannot overcome and accomplish.

We persist until we Win this war against our obstacles!

Love yall

Week 11- Reality

spider 458


I can do it and you can too!

This week has been very interesting and full of very deep thought. I am noticing and experiencing instances in my daily life where I can recognize more of the CAUSE to certain EFFECTS. It seems so clear and in plain sight to me sometimes when I know that I would not have recognized it before this information. Conversations with people have been so intriguing to me, especially in disagreements when I am in complete and 100% control of myself. At the very point where my old blue print would have normally attacked the other person with completely zeroed-in focus on “winning”(which is actually a lose/lose proposition), I am able to recognize the fact that I am on a higher plane and it requires 2 people to participate…as a result…I turn my back on what doesn’t feel good and BAM…CONVERSATION OVER at my command!

My movie trailer has a picture of every aspect of my DMP and is coming to life. It seems like the Ferrari 458 Spider is getting closer and closer to my reality. Everywhere I go it seems like the beautiful bright red cabriolet flashes into my mind and more commonly now than ever…the car actually zooms by!  I am going to dismantle this car during a sit as we did with the battleship. Ill let yall know how it goes, stay tuned!

My whole lifestyle has changed for the better and upgraded as a result of this information! New car, New apartment, New clothes, New, New, New!

I am so happy about all the changes in my life and I’m even more happy to find out what lies before me just around the bend! I am a commander and a creator of my own life which is becoming more and more eye opening by the day. I becoming more understanding and tolerant of others which has strengthened my ability to communicate and build relationships harmoniously! I feel like the blindfold has been lifted and people, places, circumstances, and events are becoming more clear and visible when they were not so obvious before! WOW!


Week 10- DMP Clarity



The weeks are getting deep!

I am so Grateful and Blissfully Happy about this Powerful Opportunity to be a part of the MKMMA experience more now than ever! This information is changing me from within as a result of applying it first hand in my daily life and mainly in my business. My relationships are deepening and becoming more “Harmonious and Happy” as a result of reminding myself more and more  that “I AM Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, and Loving” to my highest conscious ability in this very moment of my being. I am a Creator and “I choose what I want to happen in my life…I choose well”.

“I can be what I will to be.”

I take 100% Responsibility for everything in my experience and I feel really really good about it! I must say that it seems like every person I talk to has something within them that I can learn, apply, appreciate, and acknowledge which has caused my conversations to take a new path with more purpose. “I am in Flow and EVERYWHERE I go I bring a gift.” Love radiates from me because my focus is to Love everyone. I see(and feel) the evidence of this more and more by the day.

I am a Lion that devours the obstacles which try to stand in my way and I am poised to accomplish my Mission of not only completion but, EXCELLENCE. “The slaughterhouse of failure is not my destiny.”

lion attack

I am finding my DMP to become more real and believable for myself every single day. It seems like my Success is “just around the bend in the road” and “I WILL Persist until I Succeed”.  My path is more clear, my DMP is getting closer and closer and the people I Will be enjoying it with are showing up and jumping in the mix more and more…my destiny awaits me for the taking and every single day I hit the pavement with more persistence than ever before. “I Will Win, because I Will NEVER lose.”

Thank you Mark J for helping me realize this week that its not about doing the “laundry list” to know that I did it…Its about my experience and enjoyment during the process of building my new blue print and becoming more aligned with my BFF(MY FUTURE SELF)! This point has been a pretty thick layer of concrete for me since I have started the program. I AM ENJOYING the process and yet another break through!


Week 10 has been a true turning point in my life and I wouldn’t have recognized it any other way. For this, I cant thank MKMMA enough.

In Hawaii we will be rejoicing and fellow-shipping together soon!

I love You.