Week 9- Thankful and Thinking

thank you

Week 9!

Wow what can I say…this has been so interactive and I love it! As I am going through the workbook, I am beginning to realize how much leverage we are able to have over our old blue prints by gradually adding drills, challenges, affirmations, and reminders. Living by the Compass seems so relieving vs living by the clock. I feel like my days flow through me and my appreciation for my surroundings and people continue to GROW. I Love Everyone. I am so THANKFUL for my ability to follow through on my commitments, as a result I am getting stronger at keeping ALL of them(still blasting concrete…).

“I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.”

The 7 laws of the mind intrigue me and for my own personal growth, I must state publicly that I will keep this promise to myself and LEARN them. I always keep my promises. Travis       (Relaxation is the most immediate area I must improve on)

Sitting and growing my favorite flower from its smallest, simplest, and most intricate origin gave me a whole new Appreciation for our mind’s ability to concentrate and as a result CREATE!


I feel like I am becoming more aware of my ability to allow myself to visualize and unfold the path of my future. The experience is so enlightening. Its so fulfilling to know that I have so many wonderful and supportive people in every area of my life from my partnerships and team to my family and loved ones to some of the most profound people I have ever encountered as a result of the Powerful MKMMA experience. I am THANKFUL, Grateful, and Appreciative of where I am in my life right now for the many lessons I have learned recently to mind shifts and cognitions that I have realized this year.

This Bliss that we call LIFE has been providing me with many opportunities to learn about myself…mostly in terms of my own thinking habits and patterns all the way to my recognition of new thoughts to substitute thoughts from the old blue print with.

I am obsessed with my daily vision of Accomplishment and the MKMMA experience has allowed me to achieve that core value with more ease and self-confidence as I am constantly learning and growing more.



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