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Week 9- Thankful and Thinking

thank you

Week 9!

Wow what can I say…this has been so interactive and I love it! As I am going through the workbook, I am beginning to realize how much leverage we are able to have over our old blue prints by gradually adding drills, challenges, affirmations, and reminders. Living by the Compass seems so relieving vs living by the clock. I feel like my days flow through me and my appreciation for my surroundings and people continue to GROW. I Love Everyone. I am so THANKFUL for my ability to follow through on my commitments, as a result I am getting stronger at keeping ALL of them(still blasting concrete…).

“I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.”

The 7 laws of the mind intrigue me and for my own personal growth, I must state publicly that I will keep this promise to myself and LEARN them. I always keep my promises. Travis       (Relaxation is the most immediate area I must improve on)

Sitting and growing my favorite flower from its smallest, simplest, and most intricate origin gave me a whole new Appreciation for our mind’s ability to concentrate and as a result CREATE!


I feel like I am becoming more aware of my ability to allow myself to visualize and unfold the path of my future. The experience is so enlightening. Its so fulfilling to know that I have so many wonderful and supportive people in every area of my life from my partnerships and team to my family and loved ones to some of the most profound people I have ever encountered as a result of the Powerful MKMMA experience. I am THANKFUL, Grateful, and Appreciative of where I am in my life right now for the many lessons I have learned recently to mind shifts and cognitions that I have realized this year.

This Bliss that we call LIFE has been providing me with many opportunities to learn about myself…mostly in terms of my own thinking habits and patterns all the way to my recognition of new thoughts to substitute thoughts from the old blue print with.

I am obsessed with my daily vision of Accomplishment and the MKMMA experience has allowed me to achieve that core value with more ease and self-confidence as I am constantly learning and growing more.



Week 8- The Crew


This week has been so interesting. The idea of taking down this masterful battleship piece by piece all the way to an intangible thought is so profound. The exercise itself has required “tons” of focus on my part and it has been the most challenging sit I have done by far. I find myself have to hit the restart button during my sit like what!? I didn’t know that could happen! It seems like such a massive task and my mind has wondered. I have to refocus and bring it back to the idea. I think the cause is all the thoughts that have been bombarding me this week more than ever from so many obstacles every single day. I feel like I need a battleship to blast through them. If its not one thing, its another and I have grown so much stronger so much faster as a result. The best part of all of it is the FACT that my attitude has remained positive and has stood strong with Poise. I find myself laughing through situations this week from multiple broken down vehicles in the middle of nowhere desert TX to well…you name it(keep it positive lol!). The result has been a very profitable outcome from a business stand point and is currently paying off in leaps and bounds. I have a team(family) that has stood strong right next to me and together we are almost to the completion of a mission that most teams would waive the white flag at. We have set a Goal and are about to conquer it with a powerful victory…I credit all of this to the MKMMA training and mainly the drills that I am so proud of myself for following through on every single day 100%! Our own Mastermind has been created and I am so Thankful for where I am at this very moment. I love these people and its such a gratifying experience changing our lives day by day together. We are a team to be reckoning with…or better yet, should I say CREW!

Love yall


Week 7- I LOVE YOU

This week has been very interesting, super challenging, and a wonder of thoughts in my imagination. As the excercises, readings, and drills have been piling up on my very busy schedule I am still hanging in there. I have taken responsibility for some unfulfilled commitments. Applying the information this week has completely changed everything in the form of me being able to recognize a little more when I have a negative thought and the time to restart…however I am nowhere near where I want to be in the application. I have a long way to go but progress daily is what counts right? I have forgiven myself and continue to grow. This Part 7 is so interesting that I feel like I want to spend another week involved with it before moving on!  The old blue print and I have really been going at it this week and even though I know that I can and will do better its been a little annoying knowing that I haven’t been at my full potential. On the other side of this, it is also exciting knowing that I am growing my potential daily and seeing results of my growth in my business, personal life, and every other area…mostly in my relationships with all people in general. My DMP feels amazing and every time I read it or think about it I am there! My dream board or “movie poster” is coming together differently than the other ones I have done for myself in the past. It feels so much more real! Every time I see one of my compasses I am reminded to ask myself, “am I going in the direction of my goals or away from my goals at this very moment?” Its so profound. Lastly, being able to love everyone for their hidden qualities including people that have annoyed me the most(due to their actions and words) has been different than anything I have done before. It causes me to respond to situations and people in a way I never ever would have responded in the past when I catch my temp rising. Everything is so much more harmonious as a result! Forgiveness flows through me. I know that I will break through these obstacles and come out on the other side a more peaceful and understanding person. I cant wait to see whats in store this coming week!



Week 6- “Wk 6”

each one

Good Evening!

This has been a week of wonder, amazement, and new cognition. The nights have been integrated into the days and the awesome challenges of this MKMMA experience have been so profound. Everything from the daily cards and readings to the to the editing/reading of the “Press Release” have been challenging my Attention all the way to the other exercises and drills like the Compass, Poster, functional book mark, and shapes which at the moment seem to be this week’s main old blue print battle to WIN. The ever changing and constantly growing DMP has blown me away every time I sit and hand-write it out with my blue ink and white paper. When I start to write, I find that I make observations and corrections automatically which causes the whole new revision to become more clear and detailed than the previous versions(Yet, I may not have been consciously aware or thinking about it. It just feels great!). The application in this week is so perfect because it happens to be a major business trip week complete with new lessons, challenges, contrast, and obstacles, as well as successes and turning point decisions which cause expansion and profit and of course…come complete with growing pains(or concrete).There are definitely commitments and decisions that have accomplished all the driving money maker miles from the Car Office and loving it as new leadership emerges. This week has unfolded pretty much during every waking hour(or non waking hour) and feels so enlightening. It is very interesting to see what turns and opportunities arise to test my application of this material next. This week has grown my relationships from business to personal. I find myself reverting back in my mind on thoughts of Love from Scroll 2. I have been able to recognize when I may have a negative emotion and as a result consciously change my state by reminding myself to Love them. It is so intriguing to me. All of these thoughts that are springing up from the ether have caused my awareness to grow and allow me to become more clear of what I do not want and most importantly…more clear on what I DO want.

*Boxing with subby* Here we go!

Come on Sub lets do this!


Week 5- Imagine


Hello everyone,

This week has been so interesting with the newest “Press Release” project. It was a different experience for me that created feelings of enthrallment, anticipation, and EXCITEMENT! I feel like the exercise helped me raise my belief as well as define my DMP more clearly and detailed. I was up all night focused on this creation and I woke up feeling different and more energized than ever before. Programming my mind with the audibles and drills late at night before dreaming has had a profound effect on my mornings and my performance throughout the day has increased in leaps and bounds…sleep less, accomplish more, interesting. This project is an ultimate Dream Building experience for me and I am very intrigued to see what it will turn into. My DMP seems to be morphing and becoming more clear by the day on its own as well as added ideas spurred by the “Press Release”.

As a result of these, I have seen some awesome abilities in myself this week in terms of positive…and more positive conversations that I have had with people this who are both close to me and closer. I feel as if I am catching myself listening or not listening in the present which causes me to become more focused and shift the way I feel, the words I say, and the whole direction of the current conversation if it isn’t currently the direction that makes me feel the best.

The drills and audibles are stacking up and I’m amazed to see what our habits will turn into the further we get into the course! The “sits” are becoming more profound as I find myself staying more calm and still than ever before. I am also receiving more clear visions of the environment that I desire while resisting negative thoughts with more ease…however its still a firm conscious challenge for me as of now..

As we all take this journey together I am also realizing how many more people will be getting involved with this wonderful material over a period of time along with us and I truly believe that we as a Mastermind will change and enhance the consciousness of our planet. The effect of this staggers my imagination…where will the mental tendencies of our society be in 50 years??