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Week 4- Application

Hello everyone,

This opportunity with MKMMA is growing by the week at a very rapid pace. The commitment to the daily readings continue to expand my thinking. I am becoming more aware of the differences in my daily outcome between when I read greatest salesman on point with recommended times vs reading at 3 other times of day. Applying these principles in my daily life more and more consciously has caused me to hold myself accountable more than ever and it feels fantastic! This week has been so interesting staying on top of the daily activities around the changes in my surroundings such as a business trip with the partners to Miami. The energy Of the whole trip has multiplied by the minute it seems. I know that I can be, do, and have anything I want as a result of the information. Sleep has become a valuable asset when available and I love it! On that note I never realized how many thoughts bombarded me until the sitting of Part 4.

My relationships have become stronger in my business as a result of thinking about my thoughts with this material.
I’m not sure how else to explain it..

Thank you MKMMMA



Week 3-Looking for a Jackhammer


This week has exposed more concrete from my old blue print to me then I have realized since the beginning of this fantastic challenge. Following through on all the commitments to myself and keeping up with everything that MUST be completed has taught me a lot about myself this week. It takes a thinker and someone who truly wants to be a student and scholar of the MKMMA to stay on top of it….that’s why I was blessed with the Opportunity and I Gratefully accept the mission to change my THINKING as well as life experience here on the planet.

My DMP took some very intriguing turns this week as I went inside my imagination for answers. I am very excited to get the response back! The details recently added have shown me new possibilities and ideas that I may not have been aware of. I received what seems like a bit more clarity in my understandings about my PPNs that feel really really good. Yet, I don’t know what I don’t know.

The reading this week has been interesting and eye opening(like almost taping my eyes open to keep it going) experience, the chiseling on the slab of the old blue print has been helping me to recognize and as a result remind me more often the times I may be off track with certain objectives or details. There are things that I have taken responsibility for this week and the best part is that I am finding myself more aware of the times when I need to change a new bit in the jackhammer.

The amount of social media support and communication among everyone is off the charts AWESOME! I really enjoy getting new insights from everyone else’s interpretations both on my end reading other member blogs as well as when someone takes the time to volunteer their perceptions of mine.

Appreciation flows through me.

Week 2- My New Good Habits

This week has been very enlightening and challenging for me. I find myself having more and more new cognitions throughout the day from the material…especially “The Greatest Salesman in the World”. The idea that nature never moves in haste is so profound to me. It reminds me that everything happens for a reason and there are times when Delayed Gratification is a virtue which bears the best outcome. Also, now knowing there is one definition of “failure”…I am becoming more aware of times when I am on the path moving towards my Goals vs when there is a challenge, obstacle, or distraction that may not necessarily take me towards my goals which allows me to change my state and shift back onto the beam in the direction of my true purpose and desires. I have noticed some changes within myself that are allowing me to see more clearly the causes for certain people, places, circumstances, and events that have happened…are happening…and are currently on my radar screen for future possibilities and opportunities in my life. It is interesting to see and feel the reasons that certain events have happened. My DMP has been one of the most intriguing and constantly developing creations that I have ever learned about myself. I feel more clear as a result and my senses are heightened. It seems I am more conscious of where I want to be in life contrast to other times that I have attempted to realize what I wanted to see my experience as. I am truly grateful for qualifying to learn information that I would not normally have access to. The Good Habits have already changed my life in ways that I’m not able to put into words at this very moment. I feel supported energetically in a way I have never felt before.

Thank You MKMMA

Week 1- Thankful for this Opportunity

This 1st week of being involved with MKMMA has been a very enlightening and interesting experience. I am learning  and intrigued everyday as I become more familiar with the program. The tangible and honor commitments challenge me to hold myself more accountable and are already revealing evidence of the concrete from my old blue print being chipped away. I completely  see how this course is going to rapidly change my life for the better. The activities and responsibilities involved allow me to feel more appreciative and thankful to be a part of MKMMA!!! I am filled with a growing amount of anticipation to see what next logical step is around the corner! I am finding myself increasing in energy with a more sustained amount of focus for much longer periods of time throughout the day as well as arising earlier with more ease to saturate my mind immediately with the information and sitting. As a result, the sitting has been improving much better than expected. I find glimpses of key points from the material and webinar flashing into my mind with new cognitions throughout the day as well as a sense of knowingness that everything will work out just fine and with an outcome that I desire. The whole experience has been fulfilling and it continues to grow while I know there is so much more that I do NOT know and many more levels of information that I have a thirst to learn and experience. I am also noticing my ability to describe the way I am feeling or the new cognitions I am experiencing(mainly to myself) seems to flow more simply than before. My relationships with others in both personal and business life feel more harmonious and growing in the right direction. Being involved with an elite group of like minded people lets me know that all the support I need is completely accessible and available.