Weeks 1-3 Application

Hello everyone!

These first weeks have been absolutley awesome with the information. Reading through the Master Keys have been so profound…they have been profound in a different way then ever before. Im not sure how to explain the way it feels other than the idea and realization that I can take an extrememly small slice and focus on it in the forms of sits, concentrated thoughts, conversations with others, ideas and solutions to everyday challenges, overcoming mental obstacles…WOW!

Even this particular blog is in a different format than I have ever done before. I feel that even though it may not be in the suggested format (ex. the multiple wks and shorter in length) of the course, it is in the necessary format for my experience and where I have been with things lately as a result of applying this life changing information. I have not been on top of every excercise or suggestion 100%…however, the areas of the material that I have been on top of have a total different and new refeshing experience!

Love you all


“The World Without is a Reflection of the World Within. What appears without is what has been found within.”


Week 1-Commitments! Yes!


Here we go again. I feel great to be back on the course. Im loving every minute extra per day I consciously remind myself to focus on the world within.

Although, I have not done all the excercises 100% I feel like im mentally getting more out of this semester then before. Re-reading the Master Key along with Og Mandino’s “Greatest Salesman in the World” has been so powerful. The sits are getting more intense and the readings of Scroll 1 are amazing…along with the recorded audios of myself reading the scroll.

Working on this material along side of Wallace Wattle’s “The Science of Being Great” and Napoleon Hill’s “Law of Success” is totally transforming. I feel myself changing and its fantastic.

All of this information has helped me realize more and more that the world without (my environment) is a reflection of the world within ( my thinking) which is crazy because im seeing that I create what surrounds me and if I want to change it…I must change my thinking.

This years course is Great, I can feel it.

Im so ready to be back in Hawaii, I cant stop thinking about it. Ive spent the whole summer on this next coming up trip to Kuwaii! LOL

I cant wait to meet everyone from around the globe!

My Master Key Experience

Well as I sit here and ponder my experience with the Master Key course, I must say…



I am a different person from before and my future self is guiding me.

This course has helped me define what I truly want out of life and the like minded people around me to experience it with. I am so thankful for being exposed to this challenging course, or should i say..being exposed to myself by this challenging course.. I have come to so many realizations about myself and others. I am so appreciative for everything the MKMMA team has done to support me 100%.

If I can do this..ANYONE (MEANING YOU) can do this!

Thank you Mark J and Davene for all of your guidance along with Dayna, the entire staff and all of the Amazing guides.

I love You all!

Master Key Experience

So, where do I begin…

Before I was introduced to this course I was studying some amazing material and information! That information helped me make changes within myself along with growth in my business.

I must say that THIS COURSE has not only clarified the information I have studied but more importantly…opened up my eyes to a whole new level of observation and helped me unlock things within me that I was not conscious existed there. The power within us and our ability to take complete control of our thinking is so unstoppable.

Thoughts are things and “A man is the sum total of his thoughts.”


This course has literally been helping me teach myself how to stay more focused all the time. I have become aware of areas in myself to correct and improve along with strong characteristics that explain more of those unanswered questions about my life that we all tend to have..

This course is for those who want to make SERIOUS changes and decisions in their lives for the better!

As we progressed through the course, the pace seemed to speed up..yet time seemed to slow down…making it a wonderful experience of learning how to get so much more accomplished in much less time. The answer…slow down.


Realizing that I can create the reality that I choose has been life changing. Its even more exciting knowing that all of us have the ability to create the reality that we all choose and can do it together! Nobody makes it without a MasterMind.

This is a true MasterMind(a definition most people are not aware of).

I have been able to dramatically improve my relationships with others in ways I was not aware of…in the form of understanding why I communicate the way I do and why others communicate the way they do. All I can say is WOW.

My business has grown in ways that I was not aware of..mainly in compensation of learning! This whole year thus far with the Master Key Experience in my business has helped me make better decisions and choices that are exposing the direction my life path is taking…and I feel GREAT about it!


We wrapped up the course with a trip to Hawaii that brought a whole new vision of what things can be like…

I ask myself…did I ever consider that I would be around so many amazing people on the beaches of Hawaii in the recent past?

I cant wait for this next semester and trip back to the Island!



Annnnnndddddd Im back!


Ever since the Powerful Mastermind trip to Hawaii I can proudly say that I feel completely different and changed for the better! I am so excited about where things are taking me and the newest discoveries of myself!

This truly has been the experience of a lifetime.

I want to thank everyone for everything.

Mark J, you have brought me to realizations of clarity that I appreciate greatly and continue to grow into. I don’t know any other words to describe it. Thank you.

The fabulous Davene, thank you for your amazing insight and experiences!

Dayna, Thank you for all that you do.

Thank you to all the guides involved and staff that made it happen, I gained shared experiences and knowledge from each of you.

Gratitude flows through me after spending that amazing time with members. It was great meeting all of you!

So “ante-up”, the continuation course insight has been eye opening along with everything coming down the pipe and I am super excited about the study frenzy growing as fast as it is, followed by application of the info in the business.

“The Greatest Salesman in the World” has been blowing me away when quotes naturally are popping up throughout my day like whoa!!  The world within creates the world without.

“The Law of Success” by Napoleon Hill speaks to me more and more every time I read it, the ongoing study of everything as self discovery based is so awesome to me and im taking full advantage!

The sits in long periods of silence have created some really interesting thoughts that I have implemented in myself and the business. I have become so much more acquainted to my future self. There has been some super cool moves positioning the organization for rapid expansion, I can feel it.

Self discovering and self directing.

All I can say is that I am stoked to see where this is going and what we all as a Mastermind continue to create will look like in a few years from now.



Week 25- Strength of Character 

Yes! Turning points and choices of opportunities are everywhere. Completing  this course motivates me to spring into the continuation and certified guide programs. It’s so exciting to see what comes next! I was just afforded one of the greatest and most profitable business opportunities I have experienced which is now scheduled to launch after we get back from Kawaii! Of course many challenges come with this newest project but I know the mentorship gained from this course will drive me to heights unknown. I’m so excited to meet everyone there and it’s getting closer! I feel so much stronger from this information. I am super happy and proud and grateful for all the people who have the strength of character to follow through with this course to change their lives with me! Let’s goooo!!!

Week 24- Here we are!

This week has really brought me clarity on many experiences that are happening in my life right now. I have been faced with decision making scenarios that really test my confidence. Seeing things unfold in ways I haven’t thought of is a very interesting experience…especially when it seems like the way I thought of would have been more ideal. I know the universe has my back and will lay out the path for me that is supposed to happen. Its a hell of a ride sometimes. This whole journey through the Master Key experience has been so awesome! I feel like I have so much more to learn and I cant wait until the continuation and the next course! I will continue to work on myself through the daily drills, cards, reads, and sits. Its like where do we go from here right? I am having fun and I know that there is lots more to learn about myself, and TONS of things I need to improve on. I believe I wouldn’t be able to recognize those areas for improvement if I haven’t been spending this time with MKMMA. I have areas of disappointment in myself for not doing 100% of the work, at the same time I am super proud of myself for sticking with it and I’m very excited to get better and better.

Probably the hugest experience for me this week was a night where I was searching for answers to some challenges that I was wrestling with…I was pacing around all night(literally like 4 hrs+) picking up random books in my collection to read a line or 2 here and there. Every single book I randomly opened gave me insight on conquering fear and how fear is the #1 reason for failure. Being a student of information I feel like I should already know this, however at that very moment I realized that fear has been an obstacle holding me back, the next book I picked up was the Master Key and landed on Part 23…
“Fear is the opposite of money consciousness, it is the poverty consciousness, and as the law is unchangeable we get exactly what we give. If we give fear, we get what we feared.”

This quote was put on a card and in my hand for a very long time as I sat on my patio looking at the beautiful skyline and pondering. It changed me.

My future self is an amazing, loving, considerate, confident, honest, open minded, willing, and wealthy person. I am learning more about him every day.


“Post on time this week!” (yells my future self)

…So I am!

What a learning experience this week has brought me, I am so thankful, grateful, and appreciative for all the information I have experienced such as the “The Law of Least Effort” which has reeally liberated me from the pressure that my old blue print puts on myself for not being perfect. Its such a relief to find out like…WOW I really can do this! I am finding myself applying acceptance, responsibility, and defenselessness in the midst of what I used to consider crisis situations such as other peoples decisions as well as my own…when in the recent past, I was more afraid of making the wrong ones. I am not perfect on these and there have been times where I could have made more effective decisions lately, however I feel changes in this area more and more everyday…the funny part is that I am realizing that I have been growing in this area before I learned this week of these terms that refer to it. This weeks material was made for me to hear at this very specific time in my life. No sooner or later could it have been more perfectly aligned…I suppose thats the way of the universe.

Silence feels more silent than ever and its even more exciting to know that my sits will only grow more powerful as I continue to learn about myself.

The stacks of cards complete me and I shall continue to apply them for the rest of my life. I cant wait until the part of my DMP is fulfilled when I have my enormous library…complete with all subjects of countless books and infinite stacks of my cards surrounding my beautiful presidential mahogany desk, in-floor concealable jacuzzi, massage table, and fire place overlooking the ocean through walls of glass in the largest room of my home…THE FOCUS ZONE!

Week 22a- CHOICE! Money Consciousness or Poverty Consciousness

“The money consciousness is an attitude of mind.” “Fear is just the opposite of money consciousness, it is poverty consciousness.”

These statements in the this week’s master key have been on my mind all week. This part 23 has really put the information of my thinking into very practical and easier-to-understand terms like never before. Especially in dealing with others I am surrounded with in my daily life…”We make money by making friends and we enlarge our circle of friends by making money for them.” I feel so grateful for the business I am in and how this information applies to every single aspect of it since I work so closely with people all the time. This part validates that I will have what I desire as long as I help others achieve what they desire. I have been engulfed this week in helping others and it feels so fantastic. My random acts of kindness have been so powerful this week and the look on people’s faces when they realize I don’t expect any reciprocity brightens my day. Its priceless. I love myself for the person I AM and even more so the person I am becoming. I AM enjoying the race and the “pleasure of the pursuit” more and more.

As always I have also had opportunities this week to test my ability to demonstrate poise and mastering my emotions as others have really challenged my limits that my old blue print would have snapped at and reacted to. Im so proud of myself for being able to look at situations from all conceivable angles(for the most part..) and even more so for being able to allow the challenging conversations to flow with all the harmony I could muster up.

This video I found opened my eyes to so many things this week and causes me to have such an immeasurable respect for Jim Carrey and his wealth of knowledge that he is willing to share as such a caring person. Its a must see!

Week 22- Adjusting Alignment

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.

This week has been such a great opportunity for me to really focus more on where I am with the information.

Going back through the videos has cleared up so much for me. Living in the experience instead of playing the roles was so profound to me because it gives me relief that I just have to “Be” and allow my life to flow through me while I enjoy the process. I am so excited about my future self who has become a Master with poise, harmony, focus, determination, confidence, strength, patience, tolerance, abundance, vigor, bliss, and listening. Og told me all week that I will be a master of my emotions. This has shown me some interesting moments where the values I just mentioned were truly challenged…my future self stepped in and I felt my way through the contrast with a wonderful outcome.  It was just a great experience seeing myself grow right before my own eyes. Wake Up Call! There has been much needed silence in my life this week toying with thoughts, pondering ideas, overcoming obstacles, arising new cognitions, while steadily sitting in my focus enviroment. I feel more lined up than I was last week and really have been in quiet some time now. Even more so, I appreciate that I am not anywhere close to how lined up I will be as my future self. Love has also been a key observation that I recognized more in my life this week. Its more of a feeling of love for humanity and appreciation for beings in my life.

I feel good.

Week 21- Live by the Compass, not the clock.

This week has been flying by!

Its amazing how time and days seem to just run together as I am focused on the demands of my business and keeping up with most of the daily exercises and drills. I must say that I can definitely be doing better in the areas of blogging, tweeting, and jumping on the dashboard more often..however I have been reading, thinking, and feeling my DMP. I have been reminding myself to live by the compass instead of the clock and its been really challenging for me this week as my old blue print says “there just isn’t enough time in a day to do every single thing”.

Harmony with people flows through me and I feel more confident every day which is a miracle in itself. I do believe in miracles and I believe that I create them when my vibration is aligned with what I want. People, places, circumstances, and events appear in my life as a result of my thinking. I consider these experiences that bring me closer to my desires as “Miracles”. I feel like this Part 21 has been more comprehensive for me to understand and it feels incredible.

I am whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy. I can be what I will to be.

I am ecstatic about Hawaii and super motivated to insure that my business is in a profitable and in an expanding position as I Mastermind with all of you on that powerful week.